Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Long Lunches...

My favorite thing in the whole wide world is a long lunch with friends... A long, long, comfortable, quiet lunch with friends. My appetite for long lunches came on quietly. My taste for them developed after high school when I used to go to lunch with my friend Jean. After she returned from Japan and I started college we spent four hours in a restaurant together talking and sharing what had been happening in our lives. Add into that mixture Susan who when I was child taught music at Bible School. I thought her name was Joy because she had that uncanny walk with God. The kind that make you believe in Entire Sanctification. Stir all this together and you have the recipe for a long lunch.

Today I had a long lunch with Jean, Susan, their mothers, and Jean's husband Bob. The best way to describe this group... good people. When we get together I get to hear all about the happenings in my native Indiana. I get to learn about their own heritage and family. Paradoxically, the love they all share leads me to love my own family more. Lunch with Jean and Susan always does this to me... they both embrace life so fully, with such reality, that I cannot help but be changed by the experience. Long lunches... GOOD!

Friday, December 24, 2004

Snowstorms and Saintly Vigils

Late during the night on December 22-23, we experienced a Thundersnow storm in Indiana. Personally, I have never experienced anything like it before. In fact, I didn't now that thunder and lightning were even possible in a snow storm. However, upon seeing the flash of bright blue hit the ground in my back yard, hearing the thunder over head amidst the snowfall, I soon learned there is such a thing as thundersnow.

The television immediately interrupted programing to declare that the radar had recorded several flashes of lightening north of Indianapolis. They told us that this was a natural phenomenon when the snow was coming down as heavily as it was the other night. Oddly enough though, hearing her declare it "natural" reiterated to me how miraculous it all was. I am amazed at how God created and formed a universe in such a way, as to bring such a brilliant blue in flashes of energy. The fact that such phenomena are natural does not take from me the realization of the miracle of it all.

And now it's the Vigil of Christmas. The night when we remember how the creator God, demonstrated loving care over all he created by joining with and becoming part of it. Unwilling to see his good work buried under death he came to live as part of it, become part of it. The shepherds, the magi, even the Virgin Mary and Blessed Joseph only saw a baby that night so many years ago. The fact that a baby is a natural thing, that there were many other babies born that very night did not diminish the miracle of that one life.

Though it is true blue flashes of power can be explained through scientific theorums, ions and atoms, it does not diminish the wonderful realization that the God who created the universe created everything with it's own inherent order and goodness. This awesome truth cannot be measure or weighed but it is none the less true.

In the same way, the fact that Jesus looked just like any other baby does not change the awesome reality of who he was even in the manger. Though no one may have known just by looking at him, something still lead them to adoration. The recognition of God's supernatural action even within confines of the ordinary naturalness of life.

On this night of Saintly Vigil, I praise my God who chose to reach down into the fragile confines of humanity and save the world. Humanity and Divinity I love you my Jesus for the creative and redemptive action of the Incarnation. I thank you for your desire to see creation redeemed by giving us the fullness of yourself in the vulnerable body of a little baby. King of the Universe, Son of the Eternal Father, Prince of Poverty, Son of a Carpenter, I love you my Jesus, born this night in Bethlehem. AMEN

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Poetry Bleeding...Potter Buying

Poetry has been a struggle lately. As much as I am chagrin to say it, my recent venture into trying to get my poetry published has left me... well limping. My lines are halting, I keep trying to write but come up upon empty page after empty page. My ego has been bruised, my poetry is bleeding, and therefore I doubt very seriously we will see any of it here. I am trying to not be childish and take the rejection with a grain of salt... afterall people say you have to pay your dues. However, I'm havin difficulty getting over this sense of initial rejection.

In other news, I just ordered the next literary acheivement by JK Rowling. Yes, that's right. The date of release has been announced and I have preordered my copy of "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" on Amazon. Rock the KASBAH!

Sunday, December 19, 2004

The Lawson Family Shopping Day

I am 26 years old. I turn 27 on January 6th. I am almost thirty. Before I go jump off the roof, I thought I might amuse you with what I did today. My family, for as long as I can think of (That would be 26 years, 27 on January 6th) has gathered together the weekend before Christmas to take part in the Lawson Family Shopping Day at the Castleton Mall in Indianapolis. Just so you know, the Castleton Mall is where Santa actually works. All the others are just helpers, Santa actually works in Castleton.
On this wonderful day we get to the mall, gather together in front of the Lazarus Department Store, then split up, meet again, split up again, meet again, split up again, and finally go out to dinner. My memories of Christmas are surrounded with holly and ivy remembrances of the Lawson Family Shopping Day. I remember buying my sister a book called "How To Talk Your Way Out of a Speeding Ticket", buying presents for my dog, and each year of my childhood buying my mother a brand new Holly Hobby Calendar.
Now I'm 26, almost 27, almost 30... the very sound of the cutting syllables and sharp consonants of the word serrate through my life and make me wonder, "Shouldn't I have accomplished at least one thing by now? Shouldn't I know where am I going? What am I doing?"
Advent they say is a season of waiting and preparation. Engage with me your sacred imagination and imagine the lives of the people of Israel waiting for their Messiah. 400 years of waiting and expectation from the closing of the Old Testament Canon to the New. Years marked by searchin for national identity and the recovery of history. Years later, knowing as I do the fullness of Christ I too sit in waiting, wondering, probably like Israel did... "Have I missed all my chances?"

Monday, December 13, 2004

I have alot to say right now...

I have alot to say right now, and not time at all to say it... Thursday is coming... the day after finals is coming...

Thursday, December 02, 2004

All's Quiet in the Cathedral...

Cathedral Days. I once heard theology refered to as Cathedrals of the mind. That's why I named my blog as I did. I wanted to create a place of sincere theological reflection on worship, liturgy, art, and music. All those things that belong in the Christian life and interestingly enough, in America at least, Christianity has cheapened. Christian music, art, worship, even our sacred liturgies have been made less by our own materialism, our search for something commercial, our ignorance of sacred.

The psalmist's wrote poetry, The Lord Jesus spoke in story, our God chose to record his love for us in literature, and even a cursory examination of the plans for the tabernacle demonstrate that God is a great designer. So to you our God who delights in creativity, let this be these Cathedral Days be for your glory.

Web Parish

Web Parish

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The Year of Matthew

Welcome to the Year of Matthew!

As many of you already know, the new liturgical year has just begun. This year, churches around the world will be going through the Gospel of Saint Matthew the Evangelist.

Saint Matthew has been considered by the early church to be the most Jewish of the Gospels. Matthew looks at Jesus as the new Moses. Jesus is the bringer of the New Covenant while Moses was the Old. Jesus is Messiah and this title takes on special significance for Matthew. Matthew it seems emphasizes Jesus' teaching ministry as similar to that of Moses sharing the Law with the people. This liturgical year is a year of deep and proud history tied boldly to our Hebrew ancestors.

So as part of this year, I will be doing a study of Matthew. In so doing I hope to immerse myself in the life and ministry of the church, growing in faith. I'll post my ideas here as they come.

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the Cathedral

This is my new blog. Welcome to the Cathedral! Don't think of cold stone and statuary. Think of warm candles, beauty, and comfortable community. Don't mind your manners, but be mindful of the sacred. This will be a place for Art and Music. A Christian place where the church is a place where every begger is made king, and every king is servant.