Monday, July 20, 2009

Ten Miles From Normal

If you head South on State Road 13
After you swerve at Swayzee
stopping before the freakshow (Elwood)
You'll arrive at Normal, Indiana.

You always knew normal was in Indiana.
Right next to Gas City.

Cause we all get gas...
What could be more normal than that?

Not alot happens in Normal.
Nothing unusual. Nothing strange.
The houses are grey, the fields are green.
The sky is blue. Unless it rains.

Normal is pervasive. Benign. Mundane.
Everything is typical there.
Exactly what you would expect.

It goes on for ten miles
Twenty ordinary leagues.
A hundred ordinary leagues.

Normal married it's high school sweetheart.
Normal has 2.5 children.
Normal watches American Idol.
It's borders are poorly defined.

But I'm not from around here.
So I'm lonely.