Sunday, May 09, 2010

To you...

(This is a blog written for one person, who will never see this blog, whom I pray for on a daily basis.)

When I pray, and when I think of you, My biggest wish is that you would choose to embrace your life, to realize your giftedness, to appreciate who you are, and what you have. I pray for you, that you will find yourself.

I pray this above all things for you because the real you is lost under insecurity and bitterness. You are not a frightened little animal some have told you you are. You are strong and free, capable of fighting back the setting sun, and force the sun to rise again. You are capable of a new and better day, a new and better harvest, a better days work, and a more contented self.

Now, you know only want and need and sadness, my prayer for you is that you find joy.

Friday, May 07, 2010

The Star Set

When someone tells you,
Try and you will reach the stars.
They forget to tell you that the stars
Like you, are dying.


See the sky here
Stars and raindrops
Barking dogs
Farm equipment
Fields that go on for days.

And there is frost here.
Killing the flowers
Wind that runs unimpeded to my doorstep
Here where the sky hates the sun who hates the earth
The earth in her turn pushes back with dust
The sky hates the dust and we start again
Hatred grows faster than the flowers here

The complexities of this place are lazy.
I don't care to sort them out.
Because they are all the same
Sky, sun, and earth,
All the same.