Friday, November 02, 2007

Bleeding Unexpectedly

Sometimes, in the midst of celebrations
I find myself bleeding.

Long pent-up emotions bubble, pour,
seep to the surface of the skin.

It is only when I see the blood that
I realize I'm in pain,
That I've been wounded

Some scrape while walking
Wome unknown cut from paper or
A carelessly worded comment.

A lonesome wound - the unreflected journey.

How did I get that?
How did I get here?


There is a bowl of fruit on the table
A mask on the chair
Fireworks in the distance
And love--
In the shadows the candles make on the floor

Like hands and bodies
Darkness and light mingle
melting the cracked surface of the walls
Tumbling over the gilded frames, painted faces,
Flesh and Fabric

They are violent lovers these two -
For the joy of one is the death of the other.

New Places

The boxes have yet to be unpacked
and I haven't time to do the dishes.
I cannot yet get used to the light
And the air that smells of water
grasshoppers and lake dwelling fish.

The curtainless windows are unknown to me
the settling sounds of the house are strangers
begging entrace into my consciencness

Still I am not lost here
Though I have not yet found
the rhythm of the days and weeks

I'm home but have not yet found my way home.
I think I'll finally arrive where I'm standing