Thursday, April 06, 2006

Love Like a Jane Austen Novel

I want a love just like a Jane Austen Novel
Give me page after page of breathless expectation
Give me a torrid longing that rages underneath the
Smooth pleated folds of civility.
I want the kind of jungle heat thats too intense to speak of
The kind that will not be quenched in the constant downpour of puritanical politeness
The kind of reckless love that makes lofty and humble alike.
Give me a love just like a Jane Austen Novel

I think I want to live in that place between the covers
In that place before the happy marriage and after that first confession of passion
I want to live uncertainty as we consider how we can be together
All the while drowing in love both pure and unconventional.
Give me a love just like a Jane Austen Novel.

Give me a love that is so incomprehensibly quiet, so remarkably hidden
It exists only in sidelong glances and a half smile upon the lips.
Give me a love so powerful that all it needs is one kiss to confirm the existence of eternity
Because you know the story will exist forever, the souls intertwined as they realize that
Love with no compromise is no love at all-
That class and culture are not near the gift that love is-
That when all is said and done the most beautiful to be shared
is devotion.
Give me a love just like a Jane Austen Novel