Sunday, February 05, 2006

Chocolate Covered Wisdom

So the other day I had one of those Dove Chocolates with the blue wrapper, the kind with a little proverb set inside of it. The proverd read: "Listen to your heartbeat, and dance!"

The statement made me so happy I put it in my poetry journal to keep. It's subjective I know but to me this proverb speaks about recognizing the fact that life is a gift, and living it fully. I have mentioned many times Saint Benedict's similar statement to "Keep death daily before your eyes" not as a kind of morbid fascination with death but instead to realize the intensity of life.

Have you considered how those last few moments in the garden must have felt for Jesus? These were his last moments of qiet breath and solitude before embarking on the final leg of the journey. The final task that would see the darkness of the universe bound, and the hope of communion rekindled.

Imagine for a moment what it must have been like for the the Source of all life to experience death!!! A God who never desired death immersing himself in the darkness of humanity. Just like a dancer waiting in the wings the most Holy Trinity waited until the appointed and right time to clothe the Eternal Word in humanity, then to wait until the time of baptism to begin the hard work of ministry, then to the wait in the garden to begin that last work of redemption, then to wait in death to restore the order of the universe and pave the future with a promised return.

I too am waiting and find myself situated in the childhood of Christ, years before the world heard from him he was still seeking and serving. Lead me Lord to follow in his example. Lead me not to ask, what am I waiting for?

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Reconnecting With Myself

what is it about Asbury the helps me to reconnect me with the important things... Why haven't posted on this blog for awhile... What happened to the place that the fine arts held in my life? Why has Indianapolis just opened it's new museaum months ago and I still haven't gone? Why does my violin sit broken and unused in the corner? Why have my sermons been free of beautiful language and poetry and filled with information and fascinating facts...

What happened?

I must stop this trend before it explodes. I want more from my life than this. To quote Dr. Phil:

"I want (prounounced wont) you to be the star of your own life."

And I agree, I want more poetry, artistry, meditation, and creativity... Asbury has reconnected me with all those things that God has ordained to mark my life. I was afraid this would happen, and it did.

But no more... observe this new prayer for a new day...

O Lord my God,
Ignite my heart with mystery--wash my soul with light, annoint my head with hope--push down upon me the crown of repentence and pierce my hands and feet with the marvelous grace of humility. Place me in the tomb of solitude and burst the doors with the life of the Gospel. Immerse me fully in the story of Jesus Christ. Refine me thoroughly with the warm fire of the Holy Spirit. Surround me with such presence that when people see me, or hear my voice they will exclaim... "He is Abba's Child." AMEN.