Monday, June 14, 2010

The Lord's Prayer (Revisited)

Our Father,
Who dwells in joy eternal,
Your light is holiness.
Your presence our horizon
May our actions here one earth be guided the by your desires
that here too we may taste eternal joy.
Provide for our life, and forgive us the ways of death,
As we forgive those who have dealt death to us.
Guide us by the light of your holiness
Save us from the messenger of darkness.
For yours is the presence, the heartbeat, and the breath of eternity.

Okay so I wanted to try to interpret the Lord's Prayer in a new way. It is quite difficult... Nor could I ever hope to capture the majesty and grandure of Our Lord, I just wanted to try to recite back the content of my soul as it encounter's this prayer of Jesus. Try it yourself and see what happens.